Allowing the Light of Christ within to reflect outward with love those we encounter on our lives path.

I invite you to join me in exploring topics that can at time be painful for myself and perhaps a reader, as well as finding humor in everyday life events.

“God is inclusive by nature. He is everywhere and part of everything, including our very being. The Eucharist, Communion, Contemplative Prayer, the Eyes of a Loved one. . . Whenever we open ourselves to His grace, He enters. His love is more of an overall acceptance and inclusion than teachings many do not see was being taught by Jesus.  Faith, Hope, Love – Honor and Respect for our Trinitarian God in a way supersedes any religious teaching – no? Jesus was not about religion, He was here to bring non-believers to God.”  ~ Laurie

We are in a very unique place in time.  So often, too often, we can become so wrapped up in our every day life that we miss the true gifts God has given to us.  As we continue to evolve in our lives journey (as we should) we have the opportunity to see new ways to bridge gaps, serve others, fill hearts, commune with God and nature. There are so many God-given gifts that are waiting for us to embrace and continue to embrace.  Peace with our brothers and sisters all over the world is one of these gifts, that we can both work toward and enjoy.  I am in awe when I consider the readers I have and the people who I communicate with around the world.  We have power and responsibility in our lives to spread peace, love and happiness for all.  This includes praying for those that oppose people who do not fit their mold, because our prayers do have the power to bring about a healing.  Today, I am asking you to consider what you can do to spread more peace and love in the lives of those around you as well as those on the other side of the world that you don’t really think about in your day-to-day existence. 

Where do you personally stand on the acceptance of those who practice a religion that differs from your own, someone of a different ethnic background, age, financial status, sexual orientation, location?  Do you accept others with love and spend time to really get to know them, or are you too busy judging another lifestyle to be able to reach out with love and peace – which will unify Peoples across the world.  It is lazy to say nothing will ever change.  Each and every single one of us is responsible for making a peace filled world.   ~ Peace be with you, and yours ~

Thank you for visiting – and helping to make our world a smaller place.


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You are in my prayers and my heart  ,  Love, Laurie  ~ Staying in Him

*Inspiration for the Week *
“Pope Francis constantly reminds us of the wideness of
God’s mercy and its unconditional character. God is always
patiently loving his children and opening the doors to his
heart. We must, however, freely chose to accept God’s in-
vitation and join in the feast of his love. We often attempt to
quench our desire with things that are short-lived and shal-
low. All of us long to be satisfied and at peace. How do
we announce to the world, in ways that are convincing and
without judgment, that it is really God whom we seek?”
“We desire many
things and we have restless hearts.”


Which is why we seek loving relationships on earth.  As we know God is within each of us – we see God and seek God in each other.  By freely loving we show that God is whom we seek.
Shallow things are material or based upon material things – that’s when judgement comes into play.  Real love doesn’t judge – it seeks to understand.