Reflections of Proverbs 19:1


Another way I have found this written is this:

It’s better to be poor and live an honest life than to be a dishonest fool.

When we truly surrender our lives to the Lord, we seek to live life in Him.  Honest and true.  Genuine Integrity.  God understands we will fail but the purpose is for us to strive to be honest in our lives. 


He knows us.  He created us.  Our days were written in His book.  We allow the Spirit to guide us.

The dishonest fool is one who lives a false life which contains lies that cover up the wrongs or sins of themselves or others.  Lies protect no one and in truth harm everyone.  Right down through the generations, damage is done.

What do you think?  Are you living or working hard to live a life of integrity? (or) Is your choice to lie, cover ups sins of others and live the life of a dishonest fool?

God see’s all.  He knows all.  What is your choice?  Through Jesus Christ, we are offered a clean slate and new life – just for the asking.


2 thoughts on “Reflections of Proverbs 19:1”

  1. Thought provoking. I live my life to speak my truth. I noticed in the past I’ve told a white lie not to hurt the persons feelings but then after reflecting was it to satisfy my mind/heart or the other person?

    1. I’m sure there are all times we stretch it a bit “I believe in the spirit of Santa” was always my response to any children who asked including my own. My kids picked up on that when they were old enough to accept I was Santa :)

      I raised my sons to know honesty leads to conversation, lies lead to punishment. They were never afraid to call me for a ride home for themselves or a friend during teen years, etc.
      :) Rambling again.

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