A Parents Prayer

Dear God, please help us to raise emotionally and physically healthy children,

when we fail, because we all do in some way,

help us find a way to continue to help our children grow and mature. 

I understand as a parent,  that I am to parent that no matter the age of my child.  

You have entrusted that life to me to do all that I am capable of doing,

to help my child grow in healthy ways. 

I ask for your continued grace and guidance if and when I hit a stone wall,

though I know rivers have forged canyons this does not mean that I,

a human will always be equipped to do the same.

I ask you Father, to please continue to stay by my side and those I love

both in recovery, and those who are not living with addiction. 

May new treatments be found, Please -more medical professionals

and therapists turn to working with addicts and mental illness to save generations of lives. 

As you have taught, one life touches generations.

I ask this in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. 


There is a known shortage of medical professionals who are licensed to work with addicts.  There has been a long standing shortage of therapists, counselors and psychologists to work with children, teens, young adults – and adults who have endured traumatic events in their lives, mental illness and drug addiction both which may be the result of early, untreated trauma.  We need more people willing to become qualified or use their current skills to carry out  this work of God.


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