Loving. . .me!

I remember as a little girl how I would love to look at my Nana’s jewelry.  One of my favorite pieces was her Mother’s ring.  It held four stones.  One for my dad, my uncle, the brother I was raised with and me.  It was a symbol of her love for her family.  My Granddad bought this for her. 

As a young mother I remember thinking of the day that I too would have a specials Mother’s ring.  Back then I was sure my husband would buy this for me.  As the years went on, no ring appeared.  No special Mother’s day, birthday or Christmas gift.

After I divorced I still had thoughts of having a special ring, a symbol of my family.  Younger then, I had thought perhaps I will still get one someday, and maybe someone I love and marry will surprise me with a real family ring, with our birthstones too! ~ A girl can and will dream. 

Until they no longer do.


This past December, just after the birth of my first grandchild I received an email from a jewelers from where I had purchased a special Christmas gift.  There Christmas advertisement included an entire section for – Mother’s.  Mother’s Rings.  Well – I have really missed wearing a ring. 

Before I was married I had a ring my parents bought me for my eighth grade graduation and I wore that until I was engaged.  It was cute.  Nice quality.  I chose to trade it with some other small pieces to have a the diamond my father had bought my mother reset into a white gold pendant setting – and a new white gold chain.


I thought about buying myself a Mother’s ring for Christmas.  I am at a point in my life where I could buy myself something nice as a special treat.  I made a conscious choice not long ago and am committed in my life to certain things that both keep me off the radar of men and men out of my radar and I am mostly okay with that.  I am committed to my children and now my grandson.  That was it – I ordered my ring! 

Silver and manufactured by a company that makes high school and college rings.  I chose a style I like and added stones for each of my sons.  I wear my ring on my left hand because I like it there.  As I continue to loose weight I can use a ring sizer or swap to my right hand.  I purposely bought silver because I don’t expect it to fit forever. 

I really like my ring.  No more waiting for someday to have my own Mother’s ring.  Who knows, maybe one day God will place someone in my life who will decide he doesn’t want to live without me, and there will be that family ring I used to dream of.  Meanwhile today – I feel empowered by my choice.  I love myself enough not to wait for something I have always wanted and I love myself enough to know that I don’t have to wait for my Mothers ring, that someday – should be…. today.


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