The Cross of Life {At The Cross (Music)}

Matthew 27:50* But Jesus cried out again in a loud voice, and gave up his spirit.

In His last action as a man here on earth, He changed the world for eternity.

I am a Christian. That proclamation, Those four very powerful words tell you many things about me. This means I believe Jesus Christ was born, died, buried and resurrected in order to bring all to God who IS love, eternal Life. A very short description for a gal who tends to write long essays.

My blog contains my thoughts views and understanding of my religion, spirituality and faith. I identify as a Cafeteria Catholic which I spoke of here in my “About me” and here Where do I belong? . These are my thoughts and beliefs, I don’t tell non-believers they are wrong, I don’t care if your Baptist or Pentecostal, I believe we are all Children of God. It is my hope that with my thoughts, actions and interactions, all will see a spark of our Heavenly Father.

74I love Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit that resides within my body, my soul. I have for as far back as my memory goes. I have lived in the same small town for almost twenty-four years, attending the same Roman Catholic church for all of those years, raising all three of my sons in the church. For the past 12-15 years there have been times when I have found peace, hope and solace at the foot of the cross. The photo to the left is the large crucifix that rises above the alter at my church. I took that photo only a few weeks ago as our church was being painted. Growing up a Protestant, with my grandparents a Crucifix was sinful, an object and not to be looked upon (graven image – Catholics do have a different list of the which I shared here; Ten Commandments They could not see or feel beyond the physical crucifix and feel Him within.

However, there is nothing more comforting and loving to me than a beautiful crucifix. I have spent numerous hours kneeling at the cross in this photo over the years. It is an experience that I cannot explain, a very intimate time spent with our triune God, in Prayer, Discernment, Thanking, Asking, Listening. There have been times that I have not been able to have this special quiet time and I miss it terribly when I do. I have only gone to one other Roman Catholic Church in the area, a few weeks ago on a Sunday. It was not the same. It doesn’t mean it will not be somewhere else, and certainly my bond with the Lord is constant as His is within me, with me at all times – as He is with everyone else.

The link below is for a moving song on the love of God and sacrifice of Jesus which moves the spirit within. I hope you take a few minutes to relax, enjoy and feel the love. One of my favorites.

Chris Tomlin – At the Cross

Thank You Jesus

Previously published Wed, 09 Mar 2017 – no edits.  For personal family reasons I am not longer attending the same church.  We grow, evolve and change in our Spiritual life of faith.  I enjoy time now in my home looking upon the crucifix in my room that I share with my infant grandson when he visits.  We have found it sweet that his eyes are drawn to Jesus on the Cross both here, and in the rooms he shares with his dad where an identical crucifix that I bought for his mommy, at her request – affixes the wall.

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