Roman Catholics ~ Celebrating Marriage & Family ~ Past Time to Return to a Married Clergy

Due to the length of importance of this article it is now located in the menu,under its own page.  The number of Priests is rapidly declining in the United States – and across the world.  Parishes are closing an/or consolidating.  In small towns where all could (and perhaps should have) attended on church building, Priests are being required to serve mass (and other activities) at more than on church building.

Closing Parishes and consolidating churches is a lazy (thought it may not seem lazy with all the work involved) solution.  It is not the correct solution.  Returning to a married clergy is for this and other reasons you will find written about in my long page found on my menu bar.

Thank you for your time, thoughtful reflection and – please feel free to share the page.

Over 120,000 men have left service as a Priest in the past few decades.  25,000 in the United States alone.

The church will thrive, followers, clergy when we return to His teachings.

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2 thoughts on “Roman Catholics ~ Celebrating Marriage & Family ~ Past Time to Return to a Married Clergy”

  1. I believe the “belief” that priests have to be celibate is a rule that man has created. They’ve developed so many do’s and do not’s many years ago that the people of today do not believe in. They have to change with the times as you say. Great writing.

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