Observe and assist – don’t judge

I have witnessed, as well as read, some not so kind, judgments being made. When we walk with Christ, we need to try to emulate how he would behave. Granted, as humans we are not going to be or live, just as Christ did – we are human. Still – we are to work to be the best possible human beings that we can be.

Consider, swapping “judging” out – with observing. This way we can focus on looking at situations or people in helpful ways. Doing so will enable us to help or assist others, in ways that may or can impact them in a positive way, rather than a judgmental way which will stifle growth.

Having not made it close to reading through the entire bible, I was so happy to come across a Facebook page a year or two ago that posted about Proverbs 31 women (and men). Though single, to me, this still matters. There are within these Bible verses such invaluable tools – that we can use as guidelines to be good women (and men) of virtue.

There are certain things in life that offer us the opportunity to flourish and grow in life, love – in God. In reading through the above verses I am reminded of how fortunate I am, to have found a safe place in my life that not only enables me to grow but to observe and know others that need my love and help, so that they too have a safe space to grow and flourish in Christ.

The Golden Rule. Mathew 7:12 “Do to others whatever you would have them do to you.i This is the law and the prophets.

Give everyone a chance to grow and thrive in life and love. God tells us not to judge. Be kind.

Reading through the above verses, maybe giving them a more modern spin – do you see ways in which you flourish, and – ways in which you can assist others in growing through life, taking positive steps forward?


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