About Me

There are days I am still awed by technology, the internet and how interconnected we all are.  I remember walking through Sears with my oldest son, a toddler still, twenty-five years ago.  I was mesmerized by the desk top computer on the end-cap of an electronics display.  There was a video clip playing of a safari, I have a vague memory of giraffes and lions.  Five years later, we purchased our first desk top, home computer.  Ha.  What a life.  From shared “party-lines” (telephone) from childhood visits with my maternal grandmothers through to the cell phones of today.  I bought my first Smart Phone a year ago.  Not because I didn’t want one sooner, but as a divorced single mom of three – kids come first.  Now, I have a computer and telephone combined.  Who would have thought?  ~ Clearly someone did.

I have an inquisitive nature, rarely satisfied with “because I said so” I like to delve into the hows and whys of ~  how things, place and people work (tick).  Reading my essays you’ll find reflections of a 50-something mother of three young adult sons.  Small business office manger, faithful christian who surrenders herself to Christ (no – wait – don’t stop reading yet!) and has learned through the school of hard knocks (sadly, in the literal sense at times) that I can grow in strength, character, morals, service and love with each challenge I face.  There was a time where I laid in a heap on the floor begging God to take me home.  His plans for me were not that simple, in fact they seem rather complex.  I stay close to God, believe in the power of prayer, study and discernment and believe in my heart and soul God knows me and what and who I need in my life.  My favorite psalm is 139 which is what was suggested I read prior to writing my petition for a nullity of marriage in the Roman Catholic Church.  I hold that dear to my heart.  There are other favorite verses that hold close meaning to my heart as well.

I am a practicing Roman Catholic.  Reading my blog you’ll learn more about my conversion to this religion from being raised Protestant by my paternal grandparents.  You will also learn more about me, why you see the label “Cafeteria Catholic” and the topics I take issue with the church on, mainly the stance on same sex loving relationships, celibacy and the attitude of women in the church.  I share my feelings and beliefs openly.  I believe strongly that there are many disconnects between a church that has grown to epic proportions and we, the children of God.  I think you’ll find my posts are not those of a typical “church lady”.

I speak from my heart and I believe deep in my soul that God is love, Love is God and in short ~ He gifts all human being with love.  To suggest any adult it not to have that love, or celebrate that love, or is to shut down their essence, their being, and their gifts from Him, for a church is wrong.

Oh, how could I forget?  My sons are in their twenties.  My oldest went to college in a big city and remained there.  He visits home as often as he can.  We speak frequently (this week a LOT!)  exciting things possible for him, in his career.  He’s 28.  22 (“baby”) moved out recently and that ol’ revolving door brought 26 right into that empty room before I could blink my eyes.  Empty nest?  A couple of times in between.  They seem to keep finding their way back home to mom.  It is a sincerely wonderful feeling to have loving relationships with all three and that they know if they need me – I am here.  That street goes two ways and they are always “here” when I need them.

More recent news to share; 22 and his young lady will be welcoming the next generation ♥ into our home sometime around Christmas.  We ask for prayers for a happy and healthy baby who will grow in Christ.

Thanks for stopping by to visit – now that you know a little more about me, I hope you stop by again to visit real soon ; )